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Balconies and balustrades

Choose A E D Metal Cutting Services in Newtownards for stylish balconies and balustrades made by experts.

Stylish, bespoke designs

Increase property value

Wise investment

Significantly increase the value of your home

Balconies, handrails, and balustrades can look amazing, yet they also need to be strong and secure. We have the skill and experience to ensure they are functional as well as pleasing to the eye. And by making the right choice at the design stage, you can also significantly increase the value of your home.


Invest in your current home

With the rising costs and risks involved in moving home, more people are deciding to invest in their current property. This often includes making the most of an outside space such as a patio so you can sit outside and relax or entertain friends and family. This may include steps that require handrails or balustrades to ensure that they are safe to use, especially if they are outside and open to the elements.

Add value to your property

The addition of a balcony to your property can enable you to enjoy the elevated views from your bedroom or landing. They are also a wonderful way to increase the light flooding into your home, or to add extra ventilation in hot weather. A balcony can significantly increase enjoyment of your property, and also add to its monetary value, which is a plus if you are planning to sell up and move eventually. A balcony may also be appealing to potential tenants if it is part of your rental property portfolio.

Large balcony area with potted plants
Balconies, balustrades and gate

Safe, secure and fantastic looking

We can provide whatever you are looking for, including steel handrails and balustrades with glass panels. We will also provide all the fixtures and fittings, so you won’t need to go to another company to complete your project. We will look after you from start to finish, from the initial design to the final fitting, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service. We will liaise closely with you to ensure that you receive handrails and balustrades that are safe, secure and look fantastic.

Are you looking to add value to your home?

Contact A E D Metal Cutting Services in Newtownards about adding a balcony, railings, or balustrades to your property. We also design and install spiral staircases and fire escapes, plus gates and railings.

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