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Agricultural machine

Profile parts for agricultural repairs

Come to A E D Metal Cutting Services in Newtownards for quality and reliable agricultural repairs. 

Agricultural metalwork 

Reliable service

Reduce downtime

Machine repairs and containment areas

You can rely on us to repair your agricultural machine parts swiftly and economically. We also fabricate anything from steel railings to livestock containment systems, including:

• Feed barriers

• Livestock handling races

• Gates and fixings

• Animal feeders

Contact us to reduce your downtime due to faulty or poorly functioning machinery.

Steel crane lifting hay

Farm machinery repair experts

Our team are experienced in repairing farm machinery, so if you need an essential part replaced, you can rely on us to repair your machine part swiftly and economically so you can get it running again as soon as possible, reducing downtime and the ensuing cost implications for your business. A good quality repair will extend the life of your machinery, delaying the need to replace a costly item and increasing the value of the investment.

Get the most out of your investments

With profit margins being squeezed in the agricultural industry, it makes even more sense to get as much value as you can out of your expensive machinery. A sound understanding and experience in agricultural machinery and how to repair it is essential to help you get the most out of your investment. Fortunately, with 2 decades’ experience in providing agricultural repairs, our team can help delay that inevitable day when replacing your machine is the only viable option.

Welding metal tube

"These guys are great. Did a fantastic job quickly. Can now use my tail-lift again.
Friendly and easy to pay. Highly recommended." 

- BobT-21

steel beams

Minimise downtime

For any business, downtime needs to be reduced as far as possible, but in the agricultural industry, this is particularly essential as many jobs are very time sensitive. Well maintained machinery will enable you to keep downtime to a minimum and optimise productivity. It will also assist your employees to do their work if your machinery performs at its best. They will also be safer and feel more secure in their work with reliable machinery that performs well.

Do you need a trustworthy repair service for your agricultural machinery?

Contact A E D Metal Cutting Services in Newtownards for all your machine part repairs.

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