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Gated driveway

Domestic gates and railings

For new gates and railings contact A E D Metal Cutting Services in Newtownards.

Increased security

Bespoke design

Galvanised steel

Trust the experts

Gates and railings have a dual function – they need to look great and often provide greater security for your home or business. Trust the experts at A E D Metal Cutting Services to install your gates and railings.

Ornate metal gate and railings

Expert metal fabricators

Our expert metal fabricators are able to create the ideal gates and railings for your home or business. Whether your priority is aesthetic appeal or extra security, we can design and install the ideal solution. Robust construction and advanced security systems will help to protect your property by deterring thieves and intruders. Our products are uniquely designed to your exact requirements, so why not call us for a free quote today?

Robust gates and railings for commercial premises

Every customer has different needs and requirements, and we are able to customise your design to perfectly meet your needs. Our design team will liaise closely with you to ensure that we produce exactly what you are looking for. Contemporary or classic, we can create the gates and railings to perfectly complement your home or business. All your gates and railings will be made to measure so they will fit perfectly.

Security fence
powder coating

Galvanised and powder coated

All our gates and railings are galvanised, and powder coated to increase their longevity and keep them looking great for many years. Galvanisation increases the durability and strength of the material and helps to provide protection against the elements, and reduces rust and corrosion. The gates and railings are then powder coated to provide the ultimate in durability and weather resistance. It provides a solid barrier that has a glossy and smooth finish.

Do you need new gates and railings?

Call A E D Metal Cutting Services in Newtownards to discuss your requirements today. We also make balconies and balustrades, and we specialise in agricultural repairs.

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